Giorgos Tsirigotis at Rythmos Stage, reportage Panos Zounis

We met Giorgos Tsirigotis through his interviews at our web radio station where we had the opportunity to enjoy listening to his songs from his debut album titled “Wind”. This time, however, we were lucky to see him on stage at “Rythmos Stage”, where he accomplished, with an unprecedented comfort, to unfold all his musical abilities and qualities, and gave us almost three hours of what amounted to a musical fiesta. Giorgos and the AMAZING musicians that accompanied him, put us on a musical train excursion,  making stops with greek folk songs, latin songs, traditional songs and even opera songs.

At the beginning of the show we enjoyed the four songs of Giorgos’ debut album, while later on we listened to well-known songs from a Greek musical spectrum. Right before the quick intermission the pianist Manos Kitsikopoulos gave us a unique version of the song “Star of the north” by Manos Xatzidakis, while the first half of the show was ended with Giorgos and the audience singing “Let’s take a walk to the moon”. In the second half, Giorgos presented new unreleased songs like “Inconspicuous”, “Heavy words” and “Scattered papers” – Giorgos called it a modern zeibekiko – which was embraced by the audience with vigorous applause.

Let us not forget to mention the exceptional musicians that accompanied Giorgos on this unforgettable musical journey…Thodoris Kouelis on the contrabass…Apostolis Vaggelakis on the wind instruments… Giannis Moutsakis on the percussion instruments…Manos Kitsikopoulos on the piano…and…Stelios Alexopoulos on the bouzouki. This unique group of accomplished musicians with Giorgos Tsirigotis and his guitar, created an unforgettable musical journey one would wish to take again and again.

Report, photos and video: Panos Zounis