Biography Giorgos Tsirigotis

giorgos_tsirigotis_biography_photoGeorge Tsirigotis was born and grew up in the municipality of Piraeus, where he learned to perform and sing greek traditional songs. He continued his studies to California. In the US, he studied next to fine teachers with outstanding experience in music and vocal, and he collaborated with renowned conductors and classical orchestras of N. California next to Michael Goodwin, singing operas and arias, mostly of Italian repertoire. At the same time, he took part in smaller musical groups performing traditional Greek and Mediterranean music. In 1998 he had his first participation in an opera on Mozart’s “le nozze de Figaro” as part of the chorus at Sacramento’s opera. In 1999 he was Borsa in Verdi’s “Rigoletto” and in 2000 he was Monastatus in Mozart’s “magic flute”, both with Apollo opera north of Sacramento. From 2000-2005 he studied next to Zoila Munoz and he sung in opera galas as part of his training while at the same time worked with Marla Volovna in small opera productions in N.California. In 2006 he was part of the Metropolitan competition in San Antonio where he made it into the finals. In 2007 he had his first concerts in Greece and ever since he has being producing his own concerts.

The last 4 years, he closely collaborated with some of the most well-known musicians of the greek music scene like: Apostoli Baggelaki, Kiriako Gouventa, Thanasi Vasila, Daso Kourti, Thanasi Sofra, Thodori Koueli, Gianni Moutsaki, Neokli Neofitidi, Manoli Karantini, Andrea Tsekoura, presenting tributes to Miki Theodoraki and Vasili Tsitsani.

In March of 2013, he delivered an unprecedented performance called “The 4 faces of a Tenor” at Half Note (one of the finest music stages of Athens, well known artists from New York perform there) supported by an overwhelming band. The repertoire list included Italian arias and greek songs of Theodorakis, Tsitsanis and Dalkas. Giorgos Tsirigotis was well aware of the difficulties of the different genres, yet he rose up to the task.

In the coming years, he gave a great performance called “Ballads and Traditional Songs” at 1002 Nights” and from May of 2014 till April of 2015 he kept us surprising at his concerts with his new songs. First was the cd “Anemos” and now the new songs composed by himself, and in lyrics by his close associate Prodromos Kosmidis.

Last autumn his concerts at Gialino Music Stage, one of the most respectful theater of Athens, with his exceptional band, had incredible response by the audience, and his compositions were warmly embraced. Following that, in December another startled concert, this time only with 2 guitars with the very well-known guitarist Vasilis Ketenzoglou took place at boîte “Apanemia”. At Christmas time 2015 I was invited as a soloist to sing arias and folk songs of 19 th century of Istanbul for Music Conservatory of Athens, the oldest cultural foundation in Greece. In January of 2016 he gave a charity concert at Lake Francis California for a foster organization, all proceedings went to that aim.

In May of 2016 for the first time Giorgos Tsirigotis and Prodromos Kosmidis presented their first music-theater play titled “midnight at fm” at Athinais Cultural Center. A very good production of ten people on stage, nine musicians and an actor.

Currently, Giorgos Tsirigotis is collaborating with Giorgos Dalaras, well acclaimed and well received worldwide singer and musician, on a cd of Giorgos Tsirigotis titled “Metamorphosis”. Their cd will be released this coming autumn, and in November will be announced the schedule of their live performances!