Info album “The Wind”

Xaris Lambrakis and I grew up together, but we lost contact when I moved to America. It is wonderful to be reunited as adults. He brings nobility and stature to the song May.

Kyriakos Gouventas has been a wonderful emotional support to our endeavors as a group both overall as well as through his musical sensitivity.

And there is our dear friend, musician and philosopher: Thanasis Sofras! The essence of his musician-ship, the extensive knowledge expressed through the varied musical patterns; his experience, nobility, and advice, has brought a beautiful harmony to our group.

Daso Kourti: His gypsy heart and his virtuoso technique, gives Fora Partida the driving force we were looking for.

Thanos Mixailidis is one of the last remaining musicians who can express such elegance and aesthetic on percussion.

A wonderful surprise is Takis Paterelis. His improvisations on the themes went way beyond  expectation.

Much gratitude to Gianni Arvanitaki (trombone), Belventino (trumpet) and Elizabetha Tsersaki (violins) for their music temperament.

I would like to especially acknowledge my very dear friend Andrea Katsigianni who was willing to meet right from the very beginning; he listened to my initial attempts and tried to be of assistance in every possible way. I recall our first meeting at his house in Volos, one morning, as his two young daughters were playing and running around just before leaving for the school. The song May was written for one of them. When you are beginning a musical endeavor, these experiences are so important. Andrea thank you very much.

I was honored to sing the lyrics by Alice Tori, Gianni Giavara and Ourania Doumou.

Finally there is Nikos Pitloglou: I remember him telling me: “Giorgos you should record your own CD’s and I will support you in any way possible”. We worked on the production together; he undertook the orchestration, sound-mix; he played piano, guitar, percussion; he coordinated the musicians. In the end, he has offered countless hours of his time and love to the four songs.

And what about the songs?

The first time I heard Fora Partida with its original orchestration, I knew that it had to be on the CD. Nikos gave his very best until the end of the mastering sessions for that song.

And the song Kleistoi Orizontes which is Nikos’ favorite. Thank you, Nikos for trusting it to me! You open my wings. I am grateful.